Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chef in your own home

I have had ten years experience as owner and chef of Eggsentric Cafe and Restaurant in Flaxmill Bay near Whitianga. I enjoy bringing fun, food and art together to provide a memorable experience in your own home. You choose the menu to suit your tastes and budget and I'll bring the food, cook it, serve it, clean up and play and sing to your guests if you so desire.Romantic evening, birthday party or any other special occasion, let me take out the stress so you can enjoy it with your friends.Long lunch? No problem.Hungover? Breakfast is served!Email - 07 8660307


  1. wow! i disappear. dwell in... silence. do everything that's equivalent to nothing. in short killin' time being lazy and crazy... and then come back to discover one more blog by you.
    think i envy your energy :)

  2. Hey Ben, and I envy your lazy, crazy. At my age what am I trying to prove! Perhaps I'm trying to get away from my overcharged brain. Oh well I'll just go away and build my house!

  3. you're making me hungry...

    what have I eaten today? Two fried eggs and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

    just too darn lazy even to order home deliver pizza

  4. Hey MM, I hope you used good quality butter to fry your eggs and tempered your Jack Daniels with a decent beer chaser. It's all about looking after yourself!